Camps @ 906VR

Experience the exciting world of VR fun. Campers will learn history, STEM, and Virtual Reality movie-making through a one-week experience at 906VR. Camp runs Monday – Friday running, 8:30am to 4:00pm, for ages 7 – 14 at the start of camps. Look forward to lots of fun learning opportunities, activities, and arts and crafts projects both inside and out of the VR world. If you are interested or have any questions, please email us at camps@906vr

Our camps are full-day camps that include refreshments, snacks, arts and crafts projects, and prizes at the end of the week for all participants.

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Education Made Fun (Summer 2022)

This summer our campers will explore a vast variety of subjects making education fun and engaging! Campers will explore our solar system and space, completing the Apollo 11 mission. The week will continue learning about atoms molecules and cells, chemical reactions, and many more exciting STEM subjects. All activities are brought together by storytelling through the tool of virtual reality and many fun activities, games, and art projects.

  • Monday – Space
  • Tuesday – Atoms and Molecules
  • Wednesday – Cells and Plants
  • Thursday – STEM: Science, technology, engineering & mathematics)
  • Friday – TOURNAMENT DAY!

The World As We Know It (Spring 2023)

Look forward to taking a deep dive into what makes our planet earth unique from others found in our solar system. Campers will be exploring our earth’s history and different stages with a focus on the era of the dinosaurs, our atmosphere, our water cycle, and even engineering. Our spring session is packed full of fun in and out of virtual reality activities, projects, arts, and games.

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