COVID-19 Information for 906VR

Safety Precautions

Our staff use disinfecting wipe to clean surface every day.

Hand sanitizer and masks are available. Masks are required in the store.

The headsets and controllers have disinfecting wipes used on them after every sessions. The headsets and controllers are then treated with UV-C sterilization lamps for further cleaning.


MSDHS orders allow the operation of facilities that have equipment that is individual to perform a physical activity and a minimum of 6′ of spacing from other customers. These are also cleaned between each use. Also, our procedures for cleaning were discussed with MiOSHA, the representative felt we were doing what was necessary. They had one recommendation that we use gloves when placing or removing the VR headset. We added this to our procedures.

We will be remain open for business at this time.

The following adjustment will be made in line with this recent order:

Limit of 1 person per VR station rental.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the processes we have in place.

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